Wednesday, September 15, 2010

yarn bombing - have you heard?

Is it graffiti or is it art? Good question. Isn't graffiti art? It depends on who you ask. Yarn bombing, according to Wikipedia, is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk.


Yarn bombers are busy at work all over the world. Phone booths in London are red no more. A VW Beatle has been entirely covered in Australia. Flickr abounds with demonstrations of this interestingly rebellious act.


I think it rocks. And as a happy hooker, I want to participate. I think I'll start around my neighborhood. (See the link, it's not what you think, lol).

Magda Sayeg is a true artist. The Austin resident has had her "bombs" commissioned as art installations all over the world. Above is some of her work. You can find out more about Magda here, and about yarn bombing, here. What do you think, is it art or not?

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  1. i actually saw this done in yellow springs last year on light poles on the street. i'd love for someone to do my mailbox post!!! hint, hint.