Tuesday, September 14, 2010

photo booth photos

I recently went to dinner at my friend Nora's house. She has just finished renovating some parts of her house and it truly came out wonderful. (I want that room in the attic!) Anyway, all along her wall, up the stairs, she has dozens of framed photo booth strips. It looks really great.

 She has some from pre-marriage, post-marriage, pre-kids, just the kids... I loved it. It made me wonder why I never really "do" the photo booth thing. I have one, ONE!, strip of pics of the kids that they took about two years ago when we first got to Cincinnati.

Have you seen Amélie? The booth plays a major role in this fantastic foreign flick. And tons of people seem to be 'withit' when it comes to these cute portraits. People are renting them for their weddings and all kinds of parties.

Photo booths are not that easy to come by nowadays. At least not just in plain sight. This is where a photobooth locator comes in handy. Isn't it such a great idea to catalog the location of these? Do you make it a point to archive your life photographically?

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