Thursday, September 23, 2010

art for art's sake. get inspired!

Art House Co-op is this great organization that creates art projects that anyone (anywhere in the world) can participate in. You may have heard about the Sketchbook project where you fill up a sketchbook about a given topic and submit it to be shown at a real, touring gallery exhibit.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Check out all the other great projects the Art House Co-op has. Some have a fee to participate (but you get the supplies, for some), but others are free or just online. A great one going on right now is the Pockets project where you submit things, usually random, that are found in your pockets or purses.
"We all carry excess baggage with us everyday: keys to forgotten locks, expired chewing gum, intimidating balls of lint. These freeloading objects take our pockets, purses, and bags for granted, weighing us down and holding us back."  (from arthouse co-op site)

These projects are pretty cool. Makes me want to create. Are you inspired? Will you participate in any of these? Let me know if you do. I will do the same :)

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