Thursday, April 28, 2011

happy thursday

I've officially given up on keeping this blog current. Sorry folks. It's been nutty for me lately. Stuff is definitely going on. But I am not going to stress about it :) I do want to share some lovelies from around the web. I've been saving this as I see them... Here are a few:
Leather Cuff bracelet from recycled belt. LOVE. Get here.

Door mat. Source unknown. But funny/cute. 

Owl watering can. Fabulous!! (via)

Piece of Cake Layer slicing kit. You know!?! (via)

That's all for today. Anything new going on with you? Want to tell me something?


Thursday, April 21, 2011

fun food

So I'm planning my daughter's b-day and have seen some CUTE things to make! These are all very colorful and may not go with her age or party, but what the heck. You'll love it:

Lovely polka-dot cake! (via)

Jolly Rancher lollies (how-to here)

Into pink? Pink Passion Lemonade (via)

They shall drink [FUN] milk!!

Glass Block Jello! (how-to here)

And this isn't exactly kids' b-day fare, but it looks sooooo yummy that I had to include it. Recipe too!

Bell Pepper Egg-in-a-hole! (how-to here)

Well, darlings, hope you have a sweet and colorful day!


Monday, April 18, 2011

wedge-y for spring?

The wedge is probably my favorite type of shoe. They come in myriad of forms and colors and you can go about town and all around with barely a blister! Here is a sampling of some of the seasons loveliest (and most comfortable!) shoes...

via StyleCaster

Very nice, no? And these here are a bit funkier and more my-kind-of-shoe!

via SegSox

Here are some fun (and let's just say $outrageous$) shoes that are trés fun (though wedge-less):

via Christian Louboutin

Hope you are having a fabulous day!


Friday, April 15, 2011

cheese please

As I was hunting around for an appetizer to make for this weekend, I came across an informative article on serving cheese. I'm not a HUGE fan, but I think it's mostly because I'm not well informed ;)

Here are some tips (via a cup of jo) on creating the perfect cheese plate.

  • When you invite friends over, buy one ounce per person per cheese; and stick to five to six cheeses total.
  • Choose a fun variety of cheeses: different textures, countries, and all three milk types (goat, sheep, cow).
  • Serve all the cheeses on one big board. You want your guests to start with the mildest and work up to the strongest, so place the cheeses in "clock order"--12 o'clock being the mildest and 11 o'clock being the strongest.
  • Take the cheese out of the fridge at least an hour before serving. Cheese should be eaten at room temperature, when it's at its full flavor and texture.
  • Put out a few different knives. Goat and blue cheeses crumble if you use a regular knife, so cheese wires are the best thing to use--if you don't have one, you can use dental floss! Softer cheeses work best with a butter knife. Harder cheeses, like parmesan, are good with a triangle-shaped knife. Cut circular cheeses in wedges, like a pizza.
  • If you have leftovers, don't store the cheese in Saran Wrap, which will make the cheese sweat and leave a plastic-y taste. Cheese is living and needs to breathe, so wrap it in parchment or wax paper, and keep it in the most humid part of the fridge (usually the vegetable drawer).
The tips are courtesy of Sydney Willcox from NYC's Murray's cheese shop.

You can find out more about the cheeses pictured above on Jo's blog here.

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

chronic bitchface

When I saw this on krisatomic, it cracked me up. I can soooo relate to bitchface.


It's all about the eyebrows, let me tell you. My father has the "man" version of this. It runs in the family... I promise I am usually not annoyed or pissed off, it's just the way my eyebrows come together and my mouth at rest looks frowny. ;)

I haven't gotten any "cheer up" or other inquiring comments lately, so I guess I've learned to "put on a happy face". Either that or they just plain gave up wondering what the hell is wrong with me. hee hee.

Have a great day and SMILE!


Friday, April 8, 2011


-Albert Einstein
And with that said... Here are some possibilites I've come across in the ink department:

flying birds - inside wrist

owl! - side wrist

finger 'print'
Where do you have or want to have a tattoo? I'm always considering different spots, and even still considering body art at ALL...

Hope you have an interesting day... who knows what the day will hold!
I have an inkling... ;)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

things on my mind

I've been slacking. I need to get my craft on. Here is one lovely flower I'd like to make... out of old tshirts!

Tutorial via matsutake

I have been playing a lot of scrabble lately. I lose a lot too. Sadly. Surprisingly ;) Here's a set I'd love to own.

Scrabble set via Andrew Capener

You know I love me them owls :) Here's a how-to:

made out of pochette envelopes - via

I need to do this more. Not sure why I don't laugh a lot. But I really should... Here's something that cracked me up:

May your day be fantastic today!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's been a while

Sorry loves for taking too much time off. I know I've been slacking. But in my defense I have been taking a nice break, beach-side, with martini in hand as I dreamed a few posts back...

I'm a bit behind with what is going on in the interwebs, but did you hear in NPR about the lost roll of film that some guy found in NYC?

Well the photos were amazing. Todd Bieber (of no relation to K's teen idol) found the canister in Prospect Park. He wanted to find the owner/photographer. So he made a video and posted it on YouTube and the adventure that followed is amazing...

He made so many wonderful connections throughout the world while searching for the owners. And after many months, finally, he was contacted by Camille, the owner. You can read more about the ending here. It's great!

Here's a video that Todd made about The Return of The Lost Film. Love it!!!! Not only is it fun, spontaneous, adventurous and romantic... it ends in Paris. Oui!

Hope you have a fabulous day! Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you may find.