Saturday, August 21, 2010

fabulous find friday

(ok so it's Saturday, whatev)
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Have you heard of Lauren Luke? Most everyone has by now, I think. She's the self-made YouTube star that teaches the world about make-up application and techniques. I first came across her channel when I was looking into how-to's. I don't wear tons of make-up. But it's not because I don't like it. I just can never really get it to look right on me! Eyes are the big thing for me. It's my favorite feature and I wanted to accentuate them properly, so.... along came Lauren.

Lauren started in 2006 or so in England, where she is from, but just recently has really hit it big time. She has a make-up line, books, a Nintendo DS game, and she's touring America as we speak.

Check out this sample vid. She is quite charming and just a girl-next-door (albeit with a cute British accent) but she is great to watch!

You can find out more about her here and check out her make-up line on

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