Wednesday, August 18, 2010

antique-ing or just looking at old stuff?

I went to the local antique mall to see what eye-candy and other inspiring things I could find. The place I checked out is called The Ohio Valley Antique Mall. It is huge. Well to me it is at least. Anything that takes me a couple hours to peruse is big to me. Anyway, there was definitely a lot of antiquities, but some things were fairly modern, i.e. 1990s?!? Like this chandelier. It was gorge, but not an antique. And for $25 not worth it, personally.


This steamer trunk was a bit more fascinating. I mean, look at it. I can fit my three kids, their clothes in each of the drawers, and bon voyage! I wish the airlines didn't charge so much for baggage. Though not sure who would lug this luggage. Soooo heavy!


This little doggy (fox?) was adorable and I'm sure not more than, oh, 15 years old. But it was a work of [crochet] art! It's amigurumi before amigurumi was popular. Gonna try making one of these soon.

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