Monday, October 25, 2010

a whole lot of monday

There is so much fabulousness in the world that it's just too much to keep to myself. I just can't. Here you go...

Put these little additions on your sneakers and you are superhero for a day-- anyday! They are from an etsy shop called Small Fly. They come in other shapes and colors. FUN! (via)

These lovely D.I.Y. buttons have 9 holes so you can sew them in with ANY letter of the alphabet. It's perfect for putting your kids name on their clothes, don't you think? Details and instructions here.

The designer in me is all about PMS (no, not that PMS). Pantone Matching System, of course. And these chairs are just the way to show the world my favorite swatch(es).

As I mentioned before, I love owls. I also love cookies. These are the perfect combination of both, just in time for Halloween. Personalized from W&S.


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