Friday, October 1, 2010

wedding gifts for the happy couple

I have a wedding tomorrow and though the couple prefers money, I searched for some great gift ideas anyway. From the totally plausible to the utterly inappropriate, here are some cool picks.

Aren't those coasters beautiful? They are agate, made from lava. You can find them here. These stacked stone salt and paper shakers are for those seeking calm and serenity. Oh so zen. And what about the pot clips. They hold your utensil, collect the drips and deposits it back into the pot. Genius. They are from Sur la Table.

These are just plain fun. That fishbowl?! What do you think about the sock money wine cozy. It's cute. I really like these manhole cover throw rugs. Totally not an appropriate wedding gift, but I guess it depends on the couple. I'd love them.

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