Wednesday, October 20, 2010

chic children's fashion

Aren't these the cutest pics? Look at those child models doing their thing. Workin' it. Does it bother you?

(All images from Vogue Enfants 2009 via)

I happen to appreciate the clothes, the styling, the photography. And of course the kids are cute, like all kids. But, fashion for kids has its controversy. Pageants are gross, brands are bull, etc, etc... I agree. But I like what I like. And I love these cute clothes and pics.

Ben Sherman
Little Marc Jacobs
Junior Jean Paul Gaultier
Lovely.  But let me just say, I will not spend more than $20 on any one piece of clothing for my kids. Maybe for a jacket or boots ... But really, I find it outrageous to spend a pretty penny on things that a kid will either outgrow or wear *maybe* twice. That's me. My kids wear whatever they want anyway. I believe in freedom of [fashion] expression.

And, I still ♥ these mini fashions.

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