Friday, October 22, 2010

T.G.I ... Fifi!

Have you heard of Fifi Lapin? Well, if not, let me introduce you. She's stylish, sophisticated and cute. And, oh, did I mention she's a rabbit? An illustrated, make-believe, two-dimensional yet full of personality petite lapin! (cute bio here)

She's quite the little fashion icon and has been dishing advice and tips for a while on her blog. Isn't she fabulous? I love how she "wears" designer fashion so well!

You can also "own" a piece of her by visiting her shop where you can buy cards, prints or pins bearing her glamorous likeness. Oh, and Fifi is now author of a book. A sneak peek below.

I have no idea who Fifi's creator is but kudos for banking on such a lovely furry fashionista!

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