Friday, December 10, 2010


Z had to wear all the colors of the rainbow today to her kindergarten class. She had no problem putting them all together. I, on the other hand, have been told I need to turn it up a notch and add some color to my life. It is true that I prefer the dark and somber hues of Fall. So I've been thinking about it a bit and I've decided that I do love vibrant jewel tones. Ruby and emerald and aquamarine are rich and happy colors. Here are some very colorific ideas...


By far, I think this color combination below is my favorite. This color/mood board is fabulous. Mind you, I will most likely never wear these together, but I do love purple and I am partial to teal. The kiddies and hubs have mentioned a few times that Teal is my color (when I wear the ONE sweater I have in this shade). And remember my post on blue hair?


How do you express or bring color to your life? Do you mix it up or stick to the tried and true?

TGIF! Have a great weekend.

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