Tuesday, May 24, 2011

power to post

Hello darlings... I am powerless. Literally. Had tornado warnings last night and though the tornado did not come through, the strong winds did do some damage to trees around town. One of which landed on the powerlines to my house. ONLY my house. Go figure!!

Anyway, thanks to lovely friends and neighbors we are surviving :) Hope you Cincinnati folks are doing well too.

Anyway, here is a quick post of neat stuff I've found around the interwebs...

I love love love this kimono. It would be amazing to actually wear. The whole outfit rocks!


This knitting project with colored thread is lovely. I will try to make. Soon.


This kids packaging for bread is quite charming. Though, believe me, my kids need no enticing when it comes to bread, hee hee.


Love these 'green' business cards:


And last but not least... cupcakes!!!

Banana cupcakes wiht caramel frosting! via

Have a happy day!


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