Tuesday, March 1, 2011

where children sleep

Wanted to share this book with everyone. It's is amazing and heart-wrenching at the same time. Photographer James Mollison takes photographs of children and their bedrooms, all over the world. Each photo is accompanied by the portrait of the child. It's a definite life lesson about the have and the have-nots. I think all kids (and adults!) should take a look at this book and see life in a different perspective.

Eight-year-old Harrison lives in a mansion in New Jersey, USA

This unnamed four-year-old boy lives on the outskirts of Rome, Italy.
He and his family all sleep on the mattress in the photograph

Four-year-old Kaya lives in an apartment in Tokyo, Japan

Seventeen-year-old, 'X' lives in a 'favela' in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Four-year-old Jivan lives in a skyscraper in Brooklyn, New York, USA

You see more/read it online or buy it here. (via Creative Review)

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