Monday, March 14, 2011

Some fun things...

Hope your weekend was fabulous! I enjoyed most of it... which is good. I have some goodies to share:

via lolablueocean

Isn't this an amazing quilt? Love the pattern, colors, technique... Fab!

This scratch-off map, below, is the perfect way to show the places you've visited... Though, in my lifetime, I probably won't even "scratch" the surface! hee hee

(via UO)

And this next one is an incredibly novel idea for a calendar. It's only March so you may still be able to enjoy it; but I have a feeling that for this one you have to start it right on the first day of the month:

(Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz)

And if you are anything like me and do a lot of cup-dropping, wine-spilling, glass-tilting, etc... then you need one of these:


Though I have heard that you can safely wash your keyboard in the diswasher, I didn't try it last time I spilled coffee all over mine. I ended up dishing out $$ for a new one. If only...

Well, hope you have a lovely day!


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