Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cookie cakes and playing with your food

My son's b-day is around the corner and he wants a cookie cake. (Which might explain my findings for yesterday's post.) I've always made the kids' birthday cakes. It's one of those traditions I truly follow and one they don't want me to give up. So... He wants a cookie cake. I found this awesomeness:


But he really wants something more like this (which works too):


I think the birthday guests will love the gooey messiness. Who doesn't like playing with their food? Which reminds me... Look at these fun things:

Talk about party food! (via)

one word: FUN! oh, or WANT! (via)

And here's a great book full of playful, kid-friendly recipes:

 cover (via)

inside (via)

Here's a freebie: Make your own chef's hat. Enjoy! xo

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