Monday, November 1, 2010

abby did!

Today, the day after Halloween, I'm in the mood for a whole different lot of monsters. Take a look at these cute cuddly critters from abbydid. We picked up these fuzzy fellows at the Crafty Supermarket earlier this year.

Aren't they cute? K got the Gadabout purse ("hellooo, mom... I can put my cell, lip gloss AND a book inside"), M got the Wibbly Woo pillow with neat pocket lip where many a LEGO minifigure has slept, and Z got a Knuckebiter, which I could not find to show you. I'm sure it is hidden somewhere with it's own secret treasure inside. But here is a similar one (I want one for my iPhone!) :

abbydid is a local craftster with great imagination and skills! I love her choice of plushy fabrics and textures to create these whimsical, fun (and useful!) creatures.

You can find more stuff on her etsy shop here.


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