Thursday, February 10, 2011

v-day: what to send, eat, make, wear...


It's kind of a drag that Valentine's Day falls on a Monday this year. Nevertheless, the hubs and I have decided to do our thing Saturday night and then on V-day, we are going on a family date night. :) Should be nice. (I feel bad sometimes going out to nice/exotic places sans kids. So, this time we'll try it out and hope that they don't complain about the undecipherable menu and try something other than the mac and cheese.)

Anyway... Don't you love the card above? Hilarious. Here are some more lovelies for that special day:

Delish! Flambé strawberry and all... (via)

WOW! How the... (find out here)

Child-friendly yum (via)

So now that you have food ideas. What will you wear?! I found these great outfits on All Things Lovely. Check it:
after-work hookup

fancy night out (LOVE that dress)

artsy chic

sexy for chillaxing at home

What will you be wearing? I know at least one of my friends would rather don this T:


But I think it's be funnier if it said ME + YOU = SAD. Hee hee....


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